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Gmail Emoticons

Google Talk emoticons
Emoticons for Gmail Chat Webupon
If you love Gmail, and feel that nothing expresses your mood like a couple of dots and a dash, then check out this list of animated emoticons for Gmail chat. You
Gmail gets Colorful Emoticons, Looks Cool !
Gmail gets more colorful and happening with addition of new cool emoticons. There is an smiley (emoticon) to express every emotion. When you compose email
Gmail Emoticons - WorldStart Computer Tips and Computer Help
I love using Gmail for all my e-mail needs, but I really miss the emoticons I used to get with Yahoo! Is there any way we can use emoticons in Gmail as well?
Gmail Gets Graphic: When ;) just won't cut it
Clearly, the Gmail team was listening. Following closely on the heels of Google Labs In addition to the Gmail emoticons, a new set has been added to chat,
Gmail gets emoticons :-) Webware - CNET
The Gmail team, which recently announced Gmail for Mobile 2.0 and autoreplies, is at it again on Friday with the introduction of Gmail emoticons.
Gmail -- IM Emoticons in Gmail
Want to use emoticons with Gmail chat? There are plenty of Gmail emoticons to choose from.
How to Add Emoticons in a Gmail message. A New Morning
While I was searching for a easy way to insert Gmail Emoticons in my emails, I came across UserScripts. They have a small script which is available for
Gmail: Help Center - Can I use emoticons?

Gmail emoticons

Gmail gets Emoticons (Smileys)
Gmail finally got Emoticons (or Smiley's, if you prefer that word). No more emoticon keyboard shortcuts (it continues to support those shortcuts, of course)
Gmail Emoticons
Gmail Emoticons is now Live! Check out how to Activate Emoticons in your Google Mail Account. Have Fun with Emoticons!
Add More Emoji (Emoticons) Such as Sports, Fruit, Flags, and
If you like Gmail's emoticons but wish you had a bunch more to choose from, a Labs feature gives you plenty more to play with.
How To Add Emoticons/Smilies In Gmail Sizzled Core
It has loads of features. Almost everything, but recently I found out that it does lack of one thing. And that is emoticons. Yes, Gmail doesn't have
New Gmail Chat Smilies
With the recent update to Gmail chat, Google has added (both round and squared) graphic emoticons. What's more, some new hidden smilies are showing up.
Gmail Emoticons :-)
Google also added a new set of emoticons in Gmail Chat and it's strange to see that you can add much more emoticons in an email than in an IM conversation.
How to add emoticons/smileys in GMail
Have you ever wished to add emoticons to GMail? If so, here is a Greasemonkey script to add smilies/emoticons. GMail, to me, is still the best webmail. It has
Gmail gets emoticons, canned responses
Have you customize your MSN messenger emoticons? Emoticons is not only in MSN, it is now available in Gmail too. Gmail now gets emoticons and auto replies. I
Using Emoticons in Gmail
Using Emoticons in Gmail A picture is worth a thousand words, and an emoticon is worth even more since it expresses the feelings which is almost impossible to do in words.
Gmail Emoticons
Text-based shortcuts for entering graphical emoticons in Gmail messages.
Smileys for your Gmail Messages
Gmail now supports emoticons (or Smileys) provided you compose email messages in rich HTML mode. The smiley feature is available only in Gmail accounts
Adding Smiley Faces (Emoticons) to Email Messages in Gmail
You have seen those cute yellow smiley faces in Yahoo! Mail and Windows Live Hotmail. Now you can add those emoticons or graphical smileys to your GMail emails as well.
Add a Smiling Face - Google Gmail
Insert emoticons such as smiling faces, weather symbols, and food items into your messages. Inserting emoticons is simple: 1. Compose or reply to a message in Gmail.
Yes, Google Gmail Chat has Emoticons - The Unofficial Google
You can always visit the Google Gmail Help site for more on features. 6. Gmail Chat emoticons are incredible, I love them or should I say I
Cool Emoticons & Smileys in Gmail : Cool Smileys
Thousands of free Smileys, Emoticons, Winks and Icons to use anywhere on the internet. Gmail is probably the coolest Email service in the world
Brand New Google Chat Emoticons! (no one has seen them yet
Caveat: If your friends are still using the older Gmail, they'll probably see only the Classic emoticons instead of the round/square designs.
How to Insert Graphical Emoticons in Your Gmail Messages
Color your emotions in Gmail and insert graphical smileys (some of them animated even) in your emails. Insert Graphical Emoticons in Your Gmail Messages
Gmail emoticons speak for themselves Startup Meme
You may have come across several Gmail features in the recent past, such as Forgotten Attachment Detector, Chat box and Labels box movement feature and more.
How To Enhance Windows Live Messenger With Emoticons ? HiYo
As the days go by, we keep seeking new one to enhance the mobile life. Here we have new cool emoticons to enhance the Windows Live Messenger to come out of old feel
Gmail Emoticon Shortcuts
A list of emoticon shortcuts that can be used to enter graphic emoticons in Gmail messages.
100+ new emoticons in Gmail for animated fun
Gmail added handful of new emoticons last year in Oct 2008. This year Gmail has opened flood gates and added hundreds of cool new animated emoticons. Now Gmail
Google Adds Emoticons to Gmail Maximum PC is the best online resource for PC News. Visit Maximum PC and read about Google Adds Emoticons to Gmail.
Cool Gmail Emoticons Gmail Hacks News
Some emoticons that you can use for Gmail chat, was unknown stuff but are very nice. To use emoticons, just choose one of these options: Type the
Gmail Gets Emotional - PCWorld
Gmail users can say it in pictures with a huge selection of emoticons just released for the e-mail service.
Gmail rendere più divertente con nuove emoticon
Gmail has always been my first love. Today, Gmail Labs has rolled out a new feature called technicolor emoticons which allows users to add smileys and emoticons
Gmail Emoticons Help To Convey Emotional Content My Digital
Gmail users now can click on to the emoticon button that sits along the same row with other text editing buttons to insert some funny and related symbols.
All GMail emoticons in single mail Vijay For Victory
GMail recently introduced Extra Emoticons through GMail Lab. You can use all the following emoticons now. Have fun!
How to: Enable emoticons in Gmail OnSoftware
Gmail has just turned six. Google's webmail service was launched April 1st, 2004 as an invite-only beta release which everyone was eager to try out. Three years
Google Talk Emoticons Gmail Chat Hidden Icons Shortcut Keys
Just like others Instant Messenger, Google Talk also has a bunch of Emoticons that can be used during IM activities in GTalk Window IM. We have share Emoticons
Google Emoticons: Add Emotion With Emoticons
Smileys, known on the Net as emoticons, are a fun way of adding emotion to your emails. Emoticons are used just for fun by people all over the Net.
Gmail and Gtalk (Finally) Get Decent Emoticons
I'm an olds chool guy, and I prefer old ASCII-style smilies. Hell, my regular smiley is facing left to avoid getting picked up by scripts and changed into a
Gmail Emoticons
Gmail team has included plenty of emoticons, which you can use to express almost all expressions.Gmail has added a set of smileys for chat also. Related
Gmail Emoticons :-) MT-Soft
Here's a Gmail feature I wouldn't have noticed without a post from Gmail's blog: emoticons. If you use the rich-text mode when composing messages, you can now
Gmail Emoticons Chyfnertha At Chluda 'n Deimladol Bodlona
Gmail ddefnyddwyr awron all chlecia acha at 'r emoticon botyma a sits ar hyd yr un rhwyfa n annhebyg Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, AOL, etc, Gmail ydy bit ar ôl at gwna hon â
Gmail Emoticons for Greasemonkey
-- EXTINCT -- I have discontinued work on this script as Gmail comes loaded with emoticons by default (in standard-view mode). One more reason why we all love Gmail.
Gmail gets Emotional Adds Emoticons, Smileys
Here's a new feature in Gmail you might not have otherwise noticed. Gmail now allows adding emoticons and smileys to your messages. Earlier, Gmail supported
Google Watch - Gmail - Emoticons Come to Google's Gmail
Emoticons Come to Google's Gmail. It's been quite the busy month for Google's Gmail team. Unlike Mail Goggles and Canned Responses, you needn't "switch" on emoticons.
Google Adds Colorful (and Animated) Emoticons to Gmail!
First with the Gmail Mobile Enhancements and now Gmail finally has emoticons? Whatever their reasons, I'm just glad they did!
Gmail gets cute with animated emoticons -
Gmail gets cute with animated emoticons The images represented a fairly limited set of standard emoticons and were simple, friendly and relatively unobtrusive.
Gmail Emoticons Smileys in rich-text mode
Google has added emoticon images in Gmail, you can include smileys in your message, if you use the rich-text compositing mode.
Gmail Enters the Emoticon Wars, Inevitably
The big news in tech this morning is that Gmail has introduced a feature I'm surprised it didn't have already: emoticons. Lots and lots of emoticons.
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